Thursday, January 21, 2010

Either/ Or Christian?

Christians are either this or that; we are either too dense: (never going out, never picking up a liquor bottle, or cigarettes, never saying a curse word,) or we are too hypocritical: (preaching, but then always seen at the bar drunk.) I don't want to be seen as only those two things. People make mistakes. Christians are upheld to a higher standard, therefor they need to act like it, yet when they do, others see them as cult-like. I am figuring out that nothing is good enough for people, but following God is the important thing.

If God tells me not to go to a bar or drink, then I shouldn't. I don't think that I: shouldn't be able to watch a movie because it doesn't "profit" God. I don't think he wants us to be completely miserable. He wants us to be happy, but with Him. I think it gets out of hand when something becomes more important than He. I know that is why it is important to have a close relationship with God, otherwise you get tangled on either side of this spectrum. "Narrow IS the way." This doesn't mean that you are constrained, but yet, it does! This means that the popular way (the worldly way,) is the broad way. I say: just follow God and have a relationship with Him, trust Him, and know that He loves you most, and all else will fall into place.

If I am suppose to be a vessel that contains and represents Christ, then I want to do that!!! Getting drunk every night isn't representing Christ. I also want to say that in this statement, judging a Christian like that is like judging yourself. I have learned to work on myself, and let God handle the other people. This way, I can forgive and not judge! I AM GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES! EVERYONE DOES! But, remember what is important. God has a purpose, so let's focus on that!! AMEN!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Every human you meet is going to disappoint you at some point. We put so many expectations on human beings. No one is perfect. We need to realize that God will never disappoint us.

We need to quit putting people down and pointing the finger when they screw up.
Let's point that finger back as ourselves and change ourselves.

Where we go wrong is our high expectations and lack of forgiveness.

We are wanting humans to do things that only Christ can do.

Let God fill those empty spots; He wants to.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Shut your mouth!!!

God is really working in me now. Well, let's just say that I am a bit quieter. In the past, I used my mouth to speak evil, hurtful things to people I cared about, and even to some I didn't care about. I realized that it didn't get me anywhere, because those people were going to stay the same. It was going to have to be ME that changed. I can't stand injustice, or when people gave their own negative opinion about someone else. Yeah, I do it...we all do it. I remember this recent Christmas and how I shut my mouth MANY times to people's constant ignorance.

It seems as though my mind is filled with hurtful things also. I believe that if someone is wrong then they should know it, and I should be the one to tell them. I just don't understand how people can be so mean and hateful, yet never know that they hurt someone else. DING...wait. Didn't I just say that I have hurtful things to say? Ha! I think that is the point. By being mean back I am doing NO good. One of my favorite quotes is, "arguing with a fool proves that there are two."

I thank God for showing me yet another one of my flaws, and working with my cooperation to give me peace when all is said and done. We forgive because we are forgiven. We have compassion, because He had compassion. We can love, because we were loved first by Him. He is amazing! Show me more, show me more!!!