Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sour Christian

I am finding out that the law is ministering death to me. I want to be freed from legalism and into an intimate relationship with Christ... I don't want to be a sour Christian.

I have been reading a devotional each morning and watching Joyce Meyer everyday for the past two weeks. I found out that I am a sour Christian. I notice that whenever I talk to people, including my family, I feel like I am being too legalistic. Where is my heart? It's not like watching Joyce was a bad thing, but I think God would rather have me talk to Him each morning than watch a video. Only God can change me, not the law. If I act of the law, then the law grows in me and suffocates me like a vine around my neck. I want to have life and be fruitful. I am tired of arguing about my Christianity with people and saying what is right and what is wrong.

My mouth, and my anger are two of my biggest problems. Anger is a huge issue because whatever comes out of my mouth, when I am angry, is fatal.. it's like I am shooting poison from my mouth. I love God, but no one can tell; the things that come out of my mouth don't really show that I have an intimate relationship with God.

I shouldn't "act," or "try" to be a good Christian, but I should eat and drink of the Lord and have an intimate relationship with Him. From that will come the good fruit. I pray that I continue to learn the ways and to not get caught up with the "law," but the life!