Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I have learned as a Christian!

I couldn't go to sleep because all of these thoughts kept going through my mind and I just had to share them!!!

In no particular order:

A house does NOT make a home! Being jealous of someone who has a huge house with nice furnishings is like being jealous of someone who is chasing the wind! Eventually all the worldly things will fade away, but God is the only Truth that will remain for eternity! He IS, WAS, and ALWAYS WILL BE!!! Put your faith into God instead of a house, or worldly things and your rewards will be great!

Choosing Christ and being a Christian means going against the world. Sometimes you lose the friends or family you used to have, or even bad habits. In the beginning you might see this as a bad thing because you lose your independence, you may not fit in, and people may not understand what you are doing, but Keep On Keepin' On because the goal is to gain Christ!!! If your flesh is suffering, it is a GOOD THING!!! While people are caring about the outward things, you keep caring about the inward! In the end you will win the greatest prize of all! Let those people keep caring about their looks or their "riches," and although they look happy on the outside they are probably empty on the inside, but you will be filled on the inside and the beauty will flow to the outside!!!

No matter what any human being says, ALWAYS follow what God tells you. It's HIS WILL AFTER ALL!!! Don't worry about doing good works because they are good, but instead listen to God and what He tells you to do! It's not about "doing" anything, but rather having a relationship with Him! When you have the relationship, you are close to Him and you know what He wants you to do! Faith without works is not good, but likewise, works without Faith is not good either because it is coming from your self instead of what God wants. You don't have to DO anything for God to Love you! He already loves you!!!

I don't care what anyone says about this... money can NOT buy happiness!!! Fighting over money is seriously fighting over cloth and paper... Well, isn't that what money is made of??? What is truly precious and priceless is the blood of Jesus which was shed for us b/c God loved us so much!

Having a relationship with God is far more important than going to church one day out of the week and ignoring Him the rest of the time.

If you are determined to do something, you will do it. If you want to watch t.v. or go out, you will do it. But, where is the determination to spend time with God? All he wants is for us to have a relationship with Him and rely on Him for everything. He needs us just like we need Him! Make the choice to allow God into your day! It will be worth it, and in return you will gain all that is in Him: Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Grace, Mercy, Healing, Knowledge and so on!

We are vessels to contain Christ! That is what we are made for!! Just like a glove is made for a hand, we were made to contain Christ and nothing else!!! This is why when we try to find other things that make us happy besides God, it is like trying to put a foot in a glove... it does NOT work!!! We are supposed to contain Christ so that we can reflect Him and be in His image! God is Love!! Ever heard that saying: "And they'll know we are Christians by our Love"!! It's true!!! When He fills us up, we overflow Him!

This journey with God is little by little, and day by day. It's not something that is going to just happen in a week! You are not going to be perfect in a couple of days! Relax and enjoy God! He IS SO ENJOYABLE!! When I stress about not looking like a good Christian, I start to follow the "LAW" instead of Christ. Jesus came to get rid of the law and bring Himself into us!

We always seem to point out what everyone else is doing wrong, or what we thing they should be doing, but it is more profitable to turn your finger away from others and point it towards yourself! Have faith and God will do the rest to work with the other person. Often I would point out in others about how they always said negative things, not knowing that I was a hypocrite doing the same thing they were!! Remember that we are all sinners and that people are at different stages in their lives. We can learn from each other! It's interesting how God puts an impatient person in a city with tremendous traffic, or gives you a family member that is hateful! It's all for His Will!!

NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! You have angels rootin' for you! Know that Satan wants you to fail. He wants you to think the worst and feel like there is no hope, but just remember Job. Through all of the turmoil in his life, he said "I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVES"!!!! Faith in not seeing, but in believing in what you cannot see! Have faith and know that God knows you the best and won't give you any situation that you cannot handle.

Get in, Get out, or Get run over because Jesus is coming through! It's your choice whether you want God in your life. He gave us a free will to choose. Choose wisely because having one foot in and one foot out is not good. Serving two idols means not being faithful to one. Choose life! Choose Christ!!

Share your testimony. That is the way that I found God is through people's testimonies! I wanted what they had, and what they had was the Lord!! I never choose this path for myself. I wanted to be a whole different person, but the person who I was in my past was not a good imitation of Christ. Preaching God's Word while being drunk is not really a good way to bring people in! Trust me, I know from experience!

I can't even begin to describe all of the sins I have made throughout my lifetime. If it wasn't for me asking God for forgiveness and taking the blood of Jesus, I would have sat in condemnation, but instead I have no condemnation!!! I move on because Jesus shed His blood for ALL sins: past, present, and future! God doesn't look back at your sins, so neither should you!!

No one can see your heart but God. Don't worry about what others think of you because you have the one who loves you the most! After all, He created you!!!

Love cures a multitude of sins :)

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